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Will Unilever Really Take Its Business Elsewhere?

A proliferation of objectionable content on social media — and a lack of protections for children — is eroding social trust, harming users and undermining democracies.   That’s what Unilever boss, Keith Weed thinks.  He’s a little late to the party but my question is — if you currently spend 25% of your nearly 10-billion-dollar […]

Facebook Pushes More Local News

I’m certainly not the first person to compare Mark Zuckeberg to a someone riding bare-back on a runaway horse that’s waaaaay too big for him.  Perhaps he can slow the steed to a gallop with this latest move.  Facebook is now giving users more local news — less news overall — but more from local […]

Teen Journalist Fight Censorship

No need for a printing press or TV network anymore. Two high school students did the right thing and apparently went about it the right way. Someone ought to buy the movie rights. Read the article